Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fedora 20- How to convert mp3 to ogg format

In linux mp3 support is not enabled by default hence either we have to install some software that are copyright protected else convert our mp3 to ogg.

To convert mp3 files to ogg format first make sure following packages are installed if not use yum to install it.


syntax for yum command will be like

>sudo yum install libogg
>sudo yum install libvorbis
>sudo yum install libao
>sudo yum install vorbis-tools
>sudo yum install mpg321

now we should be able to run mpg321from command line.

go to directory where you stored mp3s

In my case 

>cd /home/MyUserName/music
 assuming that this folder has file '1.mp3' that we want to convert into '1.ogg' ,below command should work

>mpg321 1.mp3 -w raw && oggenc raw -o 1.ogg

there are other ways to play mp3 in linux if believe in experimenting
try out installing vlc over wine window emulator or other libs like sox & ffpeg.

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