Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Setting Up GitHub on Debian 8

to setup GitHub on your machine just open a Bash terminal and become super user by issuing “Su” command


It will ask for password of super user (actually substitute user though) provide same ,now it will drop you to familiar terminal prompt.
Using super user login ,We need to update our Repository List as follows
>apt-get update

after updating repo list we will install git to our Debian machine
>apt-get install git-core

Now we have to register at GitLab after registering there create a project say “myproject”,suppose your gitlab user name is “ yourusername” & email id used for registration is “youremail@server .com”
Generating SSH Key:
Now we might need to generate SSH key for secure communication between GitLab server & our machine.
Run following command to check if ssh key is already generated on your debian machine

>cat ~/.ssh/  
 if it yield some response then its there else generate new one as follows

>ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

copy newly generated SSH key or existing one by looking at output of command below
>cat ~/.ssh/

response is something similar to below

   copy whole stuff from response of command starting from ssh-rsa till end.
now go to your githab profile setting into “SSH Key” tab and add key.
Now we need to tail our machine about destination as follows

>git config --global "yourusername" git config --global ""
now move to your existing project root as follows

>cd existing_folder 

now you can push your project to GitLab as follows. 

>git init 
>git remote add origin .git 
>git add . 
 [Note: the dot(.) in above command is not by mistake but required tell all files within folder] 

>git commit -m "my first githab commit" 
>git push -u origin master
suppose we want to push a new project then move to folder where your project will reside and issue following command that will copy content in GitHab project newly created through website obiviously at this point it is empty,yet it will create .git folder which will act as setting for git library to which git destination project belong what is current state & current branch

>git clone 
>add a readme file with some information about project  as follows
>cd myproject touch git add 
>git commit -m "add README" 
>git push -u origin master
Now check on GitLab server  if file saved on server under given project.

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