Friday, June 2, 2017

Quick Notes OrientDb installation on Debian 9

1) Download OrientDb Community Edition for linux from official sites
2) Extract it
   tar -zxvf orientdb-community-2.2.21.tar.gz
3) Move to /opt dir
    mv ~/orientdb-community-2.2.21 /opt/orientdb
4) installation
    Inside  /opt/orientdb issue below command
       sudo bin/
   follow the installation instruction & note password set for administrative    
   user account “root”.
 4) create user & group for running  orientdb as service dameon
       sudo useradd -r orientdb -s /sbin/nologin.
5) give access rights to new user
     sudo chown -R orientdb:orientdb /opt/orientdb
6) configuration
      Inside /opt/orientdb/bin/ 
      a) ORIENTDB memory options change below line
                       ORIENTDB_OPTS_MEMORY="-Xms2G -Xmx2G"
                       with ORIENTDB_OPTS_MEMORY="-Xms128m -Xmx256m"
7)   Inside /opt/orientdb/bin/
    b) OrientDB installation directory set installation path & user

8)  Orientdb comes with web based gui like phpmyadmin assign sufficient right to         
    its config file
    sudo chmod 640 /opt/orientdb/config/orientdb-server-config.xml
9)  Package come with service but you have to move it to respective os directory
     sudo cp /opt/orientdb/bin/orientdb.service /etc/systemd/system   
    Inside this newly copied service file new need to set our user & entrypoint for server
         Open /opt/orientdb/bin/orientdb.service and replace default values with  
    orientdb user & group & change entry point with location of as
10) Setup Dameon
            sudo systemctl daemon-reload
        sudo systemctl start orientdb
        sudo systemctl enable orientdb
        sudo systemctl status orientdb
11) Hit http://localhost:2480 to see oriendb studio a web based interface like phpmyadmin.
12) Orientdb  server uses ports 2424 for binary connections & 2480 for HTTP might need to open the 2480 port in firewall.
13) Commandline interface
            sudo /opt/orientdb/bin/
            connect remote: root yourpasword

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